With Heavy Haze in the Air,
People Stay Indoors Most Of The Time.

With Huge Uncertainties In The Market,
Do Traders Stay Mostly In Cash?

Traders do not stay in cash, they have the mentality that they need to be in the market all the time otherwise opportunities will be lost. Actually real opportunities are lost when one is not able to take part in the BIG opportunity when it really comes. Because of the fact that they are already sunk in most of the cash in the market during the uncertain times. They do not have available cash when the BIG Opportunity comes.

Missing out on small opportunities is Pain.
Missing out on BIG Opportunities is Regret.


Big Boys Movements:

 6 weeks before Plunge of Singapore Index
Almost 6 weeks before the Singapore Market plunges 550 points (16%),  there is a huge purchase of Puts contracts under Singapore ETF.

2 weeks before US market Plunge
Just 2 weeks before DOW Jones plunge 2000 points,  there is a huge purchase of VIX.

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