The internet has tons of advice available with just a mouse click at the comfort of your home. The Good News is “There are plenty of information in the internet for you to read and learn”.  The Bad News is also “the abundance of such information” which results in “Where do I start or where should I focus on first”?

This is one of the most significant issues faced by many people who are starting out in the financial investment world.

Many People have gone through the following Process
People who wanted to learn about financial investment will talk to friends, read financial books or search the internet. These are great initiatives to pick up financial information.
The most common way that people think that is the fastest way to learn is to attend seminars.

What people do is to pick up the newspaper, check out the financial advertisement that has the most captivating title and “promises” the fastest way to make money, and these people will attend that particular seminar.

What’s Next After The Seminar?
After attending the seminar, the participants are filled with lots of excitement.  50% of the people will start opening accounts and start trading. Sad to say, the other 50% will just place the seminar materials on the shelf and do nothing.

*APPLAUSE* to those who have taken action.

For the 50% who have taken action, some may have profited from their first few trades and some may not.  That’s part and parcel of Trading.
For those who have not profited from the initial trades, some may start blaming the ineffectiveness of the Strategies taught in the Seminar and they may just slowly dropped out from the financial investment altogether.

There will be a particular group who will keep learning and enhancing their knowledge in this area. Over time, this group of people will have a very high chance of being successful in financial investment.

*APPLAUSE* to those who have never given up!!

Action vs No Action
(Click the diagram for a bigger picture)

Back to the Question
Now back to the question on “Where do I start or where should I focus on first

1) Learning what is available  (types of asset classes – I have listed the primary ones in the diagram) Unit Trusts, Bonds, Stocks, Forex, ETF, Index, Commodities.

 Types of Assets
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Before you pay any money to attend any seminars, be prepared first. Get a feel of the overall picture before you start.

2) Building the Right Foundation is to Prepare for Greater Wealth
Go through the various stage (1-6) and learn them one step at a time. Great wealth will follow. I have not included a lot of details for each of the asset class.

The main purpose is to provide a guideline for one to get started in financial investment.

Be the group who will Keep Learning and Enhancing their knowledge in the Right Direction.

No matter how many obstacles you may face in life,�
Persevere On and Never Give Up!