Which one (out of the 4) markets would you trade on 02 Nov 2012?
Find the Odd One And Trade It!!

But Which is the Odd One?



The correlated market of Gold, Euro and Crude has gapped downwards but S&P has gapped upwards. For those who did not notice this will think that S&P is indeed bullish and continued to trade upwards. The market caught the bulls and slaughtered them.

The Gold, Euro and the Crude has provided the indications that the market will go down badly. S&P is actually the odd one and provided the best play in the market that day.

For those who have understanding of the various markets will buy puts or sell the index futures for a good gain on that day.


Congrats to those who have benefited from the play on Friday 02 Nov 2012. Cheers!!

SmartPassiveCashFlow Wishes All Traders and Investors a Smooth Trading Journey!!