Each and every one of us is already a boss. However due to our hectic life in this fast moving society, most of us did not realise that. We are the boss of the money. Definitely not a slave to money. Do you realise that?

1) Realisation (Dollars vs Workers)
Most people view $10,000 as $10,000. Have you tried viewing it as 10,000 workers serving you?

2) How many Workers do you have?

To be a boss, you need workers. Everyone has the ability to have workers though the number of workers may vary from one to another.

Some people may increase their workers every month. Some may even have borrowed temp(cheap) workers to build permanent workers.
How do you start to have your own workers and to gradually increase them monthly? 

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3) Controlling Your Workers
Once you have the workers, you will need to control them.
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It is important to have control of your workers so that the workers stay with you and will not be poached by other non-necessity items in the society.


4) Profession of your Workers
Now you have workers and they are in your control. Next is to find them a job.
Different jobs bring different dough to the boss. The type of job that you have found for your workers will determine your cashflow in the future. Learn well and choose well.

Another View of some of the professions of your workers.

With this view you will be able to see how hard your workers has worked. The harder your workers worked, the more cashflow they will bring to the boss (That is You!!)
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Have You Accepted the Post of the Boss?