I struggled with debt for years. I did not know where my money has gone to. I made a decent income but I was always low in cash. Did I spend all of my income or has it vanished into thin air due to the hot weather?

I came across a book by Dave Ramsey titled “The Total Money MakeOver“. Inside this book, there was this motto that states “If you will live like no one else, Later you can live like no one else”. I was inspired by this motto and its wonderful meaning which I have translated it to be  “Delay Current Pleasure for Greater Future Results”.

With this motto in place, I have revisited my situation and in just a matter of years, I have managed to clear all my debt and I know exactly where my money has gone to.

I have created a sample excel file that I have used to to track my monthly income and expenses. This works very well for me. You can give it a try too.


Click “Tracking Money” to download the file

Today, I am on my way to wealth building. No more burdened by debt.

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Note that : I do earn an affiliate commission if you purchase this book through my link. I am confident that this is the best introduction to Money Makeover because I have read the material myself and have seen people who I’ve referred to this book achieving great success in their money makeover.