Whether it is the attitude or just plain bad luck, I have encountered many obstacles in my journey for Passive Cash Flow. Today it is no longer due to attitude or bad luck, they have formed part of my life and are no longer of any impact to my journey. I have treated them as part of daily lives.

Have you encountered obstacles in your life?

In financial sense, this could mean having bad experience in your investment. When you buy a stock, it comes down. After you sell the stock, it rallies up. Sounds familiar? This happens to many people before.

Do you give up after encountering setbacks? Do the setbacks bring you down to an extent that you feel worried about your future.

We Do Fall Down

Let me tell you. I fall down before and I pick my self up. I fall down again and I pick myself up again. Every fall enables me to pick myself up faster and faster.

The ability to move on despite the falls is the typical path to Success. The faster you pick yourself up after each fall, the faster you move on towards your success. There is no shortcut. There is only “Give Up” and “Persevere On”. Choose One.


If you are feeling very bad and have just experienced some financial setbacks,
“Just Stand Up and Keep Moving”.

Have a Good Sleep And Build Up Your Energy To Move On.

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