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I have heard of many success stories of buying good properties and selling them at good prices. Similarly, I have heard stories of people suffering due to the purchase of properties too.

Why are property investors suffering?
They have gotten a good location with amenities. Reasonable price. However at the wrong timing. I am not advocating that timing is the most important criteria in this article. I am just stating that timing is one such component that will affect the price of the property. The more important item to really take note is the allocation of funds to weather the changes in the economy.

We all know that properties are affected by the economy. An economy bloom will boost the prices of property. A weakening economy will bring down the prices of the properties.

250k investment into properties
I have 250k of cash and I want to buy properties. How should I go about getting a property.

1)   Location (accessibility, near MRT etc)
2)   Amenities (schools, shopping centres, etc)
3)   Price (affordability)
4)   Timing (economy good or bad)

I believe many investors have considered at least the above 4 points before buying a property.

Fear and Greed are the emotional factors that assist in your decision as well.

I have the fear and greed too. I have no idea if the property market will continue to go up in the next few years. Though inside me, there exists a thought that the property market will plunge due to the ‘weakening’ of the global economy.

I do not want to miss the property market up trend (if it is really an up trend). How can I be sitting here with cash and watching people making tons of money in the property market.

On the other hand, I am having the thoughts that the property market will plunge in the next few years.

What should I do? Do I just do nothing? 

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Lets analyse the situation in a rationale way





Do it the SmartPassiveCashFlow Way to get 2 properties instead of 1 stucked property!!

Read about the property that I have purchased

And Win in both Good and Bad Economy.