Being able to analyse a chart is very important. However, there are certain critical things not seen on the chart. There is always an element of guessing and uncertainty in every trader’s mind when it comes to charts. Charting skills differ from one to another. Different trader may have a different interpretation of the chart. The difference in the interpretation may be due to experience, lifestyle, character, etc. Some may say “buy the dips” because of a lower price for entry. Some say its a correction and “Hold the Buy”.

Traders are always exploring new tools, new indicators that may help in their trades. But what is the next best indicator? Moving average? RSI? Stochastics? Fibonacci? Waves? Whatever tools that one uses, it will not be able to eliminate the “Guessing” element in every trader’s mind.

Indicators in the Chart or the Movement of the Big Boys?
Who is the Winner?

I would say that
The Big Boys Will Be Winner!!

Because The Big Boys Place their Money in the Market.
There is no longer any guessing, any form of interpretation.
It is all factual. And it is not seen in the CHART!!




Big Boys Movements:

 6 weeks before Plunge of Singapore Index
Almost 6 weeks before the Singapore Market plunges 550 points (16%),  there is a huge purchase of Puts contracts under Singapore ETF.

2 weeks before US market Plunge
Just 2 weeks before DOW Jones plunge 2000 points,  there is a huge purchase of VIX.

Take away the uncertainties!!
Find out the Movement of the BIG BOYS and
where they positioned their Money!!

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