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Building A Cash Flow LifeStyle for You and Your Family

Objective Of Financial and Time Freedom May Create Self Destruction

Many people strive very hard in life to work, to carve a wealthy life for themselves in the hope of getting Financial and Time freedom for them and their family. Along the way, many strategies have been formulated to reach this end goal of achieving financial and time freedom. Some may sought to climb high during their employment time, some may have more entrepreneur cells in their body to start a business to accumulate more wealth. They are moving towards their goal of Financial and Time Freedom. Even industries have been created to assist them in their journey to the financial and time freedom. With all the widely used marketing and widely spread information, people are aware of the need for Financial and Time Freedom and these have become their life objective.

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What is there to gain if you LOSE your $10,000?

You have $10,000 on hand. What do you do with it? Do you place them with a bank, spend it to buy luxury items or just invest the money. Yeap. More and more people are getting more financial literate and prefer to invest the money to earn more money. As the saying goes “Invest to make more Money”. Does everyone agree to this saying? Is there a wrong choice for what you intend to do with the money?

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SmartPassiveCashFlow: No Real Cause, No Real Solution

Many times in our lives, we have encountered problems after problems, obstacles after obstacles. Some of us gave up. Some of us find the cause to them. And Very Few managed to reflect on themselves to find the Real Cause.

What exactly is the Real Cause?
There are people who are not earning enough and keep wanting to earn more. However, they did not succeed in doing so and they know the cause to this. It is because of them not having a good qualification. So they have managed to equate the low earnings to low qualification. Cause found and thus the mind is programmed to think that way to rationalise it.

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SmartPassiveCashFlow: Your Ultimate Wealth Lies With Your Gratitude

In scientific terms, according to Newton’s 3rd Law, “To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction”. For those who...

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SmartPassiveCashFlow: Both HardWork And Luck Are Needed For Success?

There is saying that one needs great luck in order to succeed. I would not totally say that it is wrong. But where does such luck come...

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SmartPassiveCashFlow: A Statement For You To Ponder

  “Where You Stand Depends Greatly on Where You Look” With Reference to How I Turn My Life Around in 2 Years With This...

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