Results from PopCorn Business

January 7, 2012 · 4 comments

Firstly I must send my Congratulations to all players in this PopCorn Business.
It has been a very fruitful time. :-)

Now, Lets review the results from the PopCorn Business.


For those who have just started on your PopCorn Business, You can slowly expand your business from 1 contract to 10 contracts, to 50, to 100, and to 500 contracts and beyond!!

This is a multi-million dollar business!! :-)

May all your PopCorn Businesses continue to Prosper!!


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1 jamie March 6, 2012

what do we need to participate in this business?


2 Dave March 6, 2012

Hi Jamie,

This is a real cash flow business that you create for yourself. As Corn is a commodity, all you need is a commodity account from the commodities brokerage firm. The screen shots in the ebook will let you understand better. Download the ebook (found at the right side).

Hope this helps.


3 Desmond March 19, 2012

Hi Dave,

I am interested in doing this, starting off with 10k is not of a big risk to me.

But I just want to know, if we buy 1 contract, the margin locked is 1500. So what are the risk involved? Eg. on the above, if drop below S$5.00, we will need to put contract. So what will happen then?

Sorry for the noobness, first time learning on futures options. I have read your ebooks but still unsure of a few things.



4 Dave March 19, 2012

Hi Desmond, Thank you for your comments. To be successful in the Corn Business, we must first have proper risk management. We do not allow the price to drop below $5.00 in the example. In the rules stated in the eBook in page 15, when the price of Corn has moved against you and your Contract has doubled in value, the position shall be bought back and closed. The rules have to be strictly obeyed to ensure a successful Corn Business. Hope this helps. Do send me emails if you have further clarifications needed. Cheers!!


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