“I am stronger than you”. “He is stronger than me” Most people in the society always like to compare with other people. One may say : “Comparison yields competition. Comparison provides one to excel”.

To me, comparison is wonderful thing. But what matters more is who did you compare with?
So what if you are stronger than the next person. So what if you are not as strong as the other person.

What does Strong means to me
Lets do the comparison with our own self. What determines the word “Strong”? To me, in financial terms, “Strong” means that you are able to have a consistent cash flow to sustain your lifestyle, your family lifestyle and to be able to help people in the society.

Everyone knows that exercise is good for health. Pull-ups are good for the arms. In Pull-ups, we use our arms to lift our body up towards the bar. A lighter body is easier to be lifted up. A heavy body will pose more difficulties.

Our Lifestyle is just like our body. Heavy commitments and high expenditure spending add weights to a body and make the body heavy. Low commmittments and cautious spending builds a slim and light body.

Our Arms are like our Cash Flow. Having a Job brings along a consistent income and cash flow. Having more channels of income creates Stronger Arms.

Ask yourself these questions:
1) Do I have a Light or Heavy Body?
2) Do I have Weak or Strong Arms?

Many people have a heavy body and weak arms. It is time to slow down, stop and change direction to create a Great Life for Yourself Now!!

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Looking back, Are you still “Strong”?

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While Financial Freedom (property investment, etc) is ongoing,
what matters now is to seek Time Freedom.
Be able to quit your job and redeem your time.

Money can be unlimited.
Time can never be.

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