Do Feel ‘Poor’ because you do not have enough Or is it because you have a higher expectation?

Many people feel unsatisfied and worried about the future because of the expectation that they have set for themselves. Do you have expectation for yourself and your family? Do you want to make your $100,000, $1 million dollars or more? All these are expectations that you have set for your self.

You wanted to have a property but not able to afford one at the moment. Are you feeling “not happy and not satisfied” with your current situation? You wanted to make money in the stock market but instead you got burnt. Are you having a “very bad” feeling of your own actions and current situation?

People create stress and unhappiness to themselves because they want to achieve things and have great expectations of the results.

In this article, I am talking about coming back to reality and setting your foot to the hot cement on earth. Do not float in the air and create unnecessary stress to yourself. Put your foot back on the ground.

What you have heard previously
We have heard and learn that we need to set high expectations for ourselves.  Even if we have failed to reach our high expectations and managed to reach just 50% of that expectation, this will bring us to a “good enough” level. That’s why we have been “taught” to set high expectations. Are having contented expectations means having the “loser’s mindset”? Are you having great expectations and having a winner’s mindset now?

Be Satisfied and Happy At All Times
I am not saying that high expectations are no good. It is good to have great expectations. BUT it is more important to be satisfied and happy at alI times no matter how great your expectations are.

Create Success Milestones During Your Journey of the Great Expectations


To many,  having a bad debt of $40,000 is indeed bad. What is there to be happy about reducing it to $30,000. There is still a debt of $30,000.  If there is nothing to be happy about, people will not be happy then. Thats the plain fact right?

NO!! To be able to reduce the debt to $30,000 is a success and something we need to celebrate. The expectation of $30,000 is achieved and thus we should be happy. Having success milestones in place will enable one to gain satisfaction and happiness.

Easier said than done. It is all about mindset. If you think having a debt of $30,000 is still bad and stressful, you are also right and you should feel bad and stressful. To me, it is a great achievement and something to be happy about. Thats how happiness can be achieved in all aspects of life and at all times of life.

It takes time to reach the different milestones in life. Which is precisely we need to be happy during these times and at all times. Being Happy and Satisifed is the Biggest Wealth You Can Ever Get for You and Your Family.


 SmartPassiveCashFlow Wishes You Happiness At All Times.