You Can Read My Previous Version of Passive Cash Flow Portfolio

SmartPassiveCashFlow has added physical metal “Silver” into its portfolio.

Why is physical Silver added to the portfolio?
I see a possible rise in silver due to the following reasons:
1. Declining amount of silver on Earth
2. Usage of Silver is increasing in many products (especially in industrial usage)
3. Silver is undervalued by the ratio of Silver vs Gold.

Why not Gold?
I see Silver having a much better potential growth as compared to Gold.

The current ratio is 1:60. Which means 1 ounce of gold can change for 60 ounces of silver.
Historically the ratio should be 1:12. With Gold Prices at ard $1800, Silver should be at $150. Current Silver price is at ard $32.

How much of Physical Silver is enough?
3,000 ounces of Physical Silver would be the basic number.
Try accumulating to 6,000 or even 15,000 ounces of Silver in the next few years.


What type of Physical Silver should be purchased?
For Coins, American Eagle(99.9) and Canadian Maple Leaf(99.99) are the popular ones.
Silver percentage has to be at least 99.9 in order for it to be considered as investment grade.
When you see .999, it means 99.9 and.9999 means 99.99

American Eagle Coins And Canadian MapleLeaf Coins
For Bars, Johnson Matthey(JM) is my preferred choice.

JM Silver Bars

What is next after the purchase of Silver?
The next move is to use the high price silver in exchange for real estate.

Lets view Real Estate in terms of Physical Silver.
Current Real Estate (Condominium) price : $1,000,000
Current Silver Price (per oz) : $32
All prices used are in USD



Discussion point : Real estate prices will also go up instead of just being stuck at $1,000,000.
There are bull and bear periods for real estates. I am agreeable that real estate will go up in the long run. However, one thing for sure is that our income or salary will not be able to keep up with such growth. Which is also why I am measuring real estate prices in terms of silver prices. Our salary and income may not have the potential of hitting 5 times or 10 times more in the next decade. However Silver has the possibility of that. Can your monthly income of $5,000 become $25,000 or $50,000 in the next 10 years? Probably yours can. But 95-99% of the rest of the salaried workers are not able to get there. It’s the growth of paper money versus Silver.

Is $500, $1,000 or more possible for Silver?
For me, I would say yes. But it will take some number of years.


Why not buy Silver ETF, Silver Futures or start a Silver Savings account.
Having Physical is never the same as having ink on a paper or digital ink in the trading account. Which one do you prefer when chaos occur?

Where do I buy physical Silver?
You can purchase online in many places. As in Asia, my preferred choice is with

Where should the Physical Silver be stored?
You can store them in safety deposit with banks or security places such as Cisco Certis. Alternatively, you can store them at a safe at your home. Make sure that the area is kept dry with silica gels. Moisture will tarnish the silver coins and bars.


Have You Ever Considered Buying Physical Silver Before?
Will You Be Part Of The Wealth Transfer When The Silver Bull Runs In The Coming Decade?