Do you have Working Income? Do you have Cash Flow?

Without a doubt, many people will say

I am currently working and earning an income. This income is my cashflow

Is the above statement right? Of course it is right.  We have worked hard. Our efforts have translated into monetary gains for us. We use the money to pay for our expenses. That is the definition by most people. No way that I am going to deny the above statement as well.

Cash Flow Analysis

However, at SmartPassiveCashFlow  Blog,  I would like to place Working Income and Cash Flow to be 2 different animals.

Cash Flow Analysis


Identify Your Cash Flow

  • First of all, we will need to establish the fact that you have a cash flow.
  • Go through all the cash that is flowing into your pocket right now.
  • Is there any cash that is generated for you using your cash and without much of your involvement?

Outcome : 
Establish if you have an existing cash flow.


Evaluate Your Current Cash

Outcome :
Know your current cash position and the amount of cash that can be used.

Cash Flow Analysis

Improve / Create  Your Cash Flow
If you do not have any cash flow at the moment, you will need to start establishing a cash flow machine.

A cash flow machine is one that uses your cash to generate a constant stream of money for you. You can also see more information on Cash Flow Machines or download our eBook on PopCorn Business.

Outcome : 
Create a Cash Flow for yourself Or to enhance your current cash flow by adding another stream of cash.

Have You Gotten Your Cash Flow Yet?
How much is Current Your Cash Flow?