“Life is so unpredictable.” Does this sentence swirls in your mind when someone dear to you encounter a mishap in life? Most of the time, we’ll be bothered by it & slowly forget the thought after a while. Never did we ever have the idea that the same incident might happen to us. It’s always being my neighbour, a good friend, a relative or even a family member, not us.

Recently, a fatal Ferrari accident killed 3 & 2 injured. One of the deceased is a cab driver with 3 children, the eldest daughter who just graduated and pursuing her university study. This accident shattered the dream of a daughter and living the family helpless. It makes me feel sour. The cab driver is not just a driver; he is also a father of 3, a husband of a housewife, the pillar of the family. Nothing can replace a missing member in the family. However, those that survive have to continue their life. How?

“This is a guest post from Verlin Tan,
Financial Planner representing HSBC Insurance Singapore,
specializing in Wealth Management.”


A life insurance helps to create hope & fulfil dreams. Imagine if the family has a sum of money. They do not need to worry about school fees or even having to look for a job to put meals on the table in the midst of grief. This family is lucky to have donations pouring in and help from the government agencies. However, will everyone be so fortunate? Thus, do start planning for yourself.


Generally, life insurance covers 3 major unforeseen events in life – death, total permanent disability and critical illness. How much should we cover ourselves for?


We cannot avoid the unforeseen events to happen, however, we can be prepared for it. Thus, have you ever wondered how much your family or you need in the event of mishap?

Verlin Tan (Financial Planner representing HSBC Insurance Singapore)
I specialize in wealth management. I take care of my clients’ 4 areas of wealth. Weath Protection-Insurance Planning, Wealth Accumulation-Retirement & education planning, Wealth Preservation-Tax Planning and Wealth Distribution-Will & Trust. My client base includes young adults, savvy investors and business owners. I strive to keep myself abreast with the industry to provide my clients and more people with knowledge & skills to improve their wealth portfolio. You can contact me at verlintan@hsbcinsagency.com.sg