“If You Do Not Know The Real Cause To Your Problem,
You Shall Not Get The Real Solution To Your Problem.”

Many times in our lives, we have encountered problems after problems, obstacles after obstacles. Some of us gave up. Some of us find the cause to them. And Very Few managed to reflect on themselves to find the Real Cause.

What exactly is the Real Cause?
There are people who are not earning enough and keep wanting to earn more. However, they did not succeed in doing so and they know the cause to this. It is because of them not having a good qualification. So they have managed to equate the low earnings to low qualification. Cause found and thus the mind is programmed to think that way to rationalise it.

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The media in the market has mentioned many potential bubbles but they did not mention much on this bubble – The NASDAQ BUBBLE!!  This bubble has grown so much and so quietly that not many has noticed it. All that the traders want is Up, Up and Up. That’s what happened back in the 2000. the way is up, up and up. And a sudden crash came along that brings the NASDAQ into its knees. The ETF has came down from 120 to 80, then to 46 and finally to the sub 30s level.

What does the chart show now?



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Defense vs Attack

“How can a team score a goal if all of the players in the team play defense?”

I am not the kind of trader, who is worried about a position being wrong and loses the money. I am the kind of trader who looks for opportunities and make sure that I am into these opportunities in order to reach my financial targets.

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Dear Friends,

I was going through my trading journal of my past trades, especially those in the previous years. Actually, it was kinda fun to look through them and laugh at some of the trades. There are 2 stock markets that I primarily play. They are the Singapore Market and the US Market.

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It is great to have determination
to walk the stairs and reach your destination.

It is even more important
to enjoy the process (and scenery) during the walk.


Enjoyment during the walk fuel up the motivation
enable one to move happily and not feeling tired.


Smart Passive Cash Flow Wishes All A Great Walk
Towards Your Financial Freedom
And Most Importantly, A Happy Journey!!


How Many Squares Are There in The Picture Below?

What is Your Answer?

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Let me repeat the question again.

“What is your answer?”


Find out the answer in the next page.

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Today, I am not going to tell you a secret.
I am going to tell you a fact. A fact that people wanted but not able to achieve.

The Fact is “Most people are not able to retire before 50”. Probably you have already made preparations. However many people around you have planned but they will still not able to retire before 50. Why is that so?

The intent of this article is not to tell you in details why people are not able to retire before 50 or how many people are not able to do so. It is more useful to state down the various types of channels that you can go for to assist you in your retirement. Being practical is more meaningful for this subject.

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STI has gotten bashed down from the positive territory on Wednesday. Traders are looking for more greenery but it came and go off on Wednesday.

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When You Do Not Have Fear,
You will not have the means to acquire Courage.


SmartPassiveCashFlow Wishes All To Stand Up Against All Obstacles in Life.

The BULLs have finally lost the 2,800 camp to the BEARs. The next level of support comes right at the 2,790 level, if the BULLs are not able to climb back above the 2,790 and 2,800 level, they will run the risk of losing the 2,700 camp in the weeks ahead.

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[04 Nov-Before Market] STI BULLs Have Been Tricked In the Last 10 Days!!

by Dave 04.11.2016

The BULLs are not stupid but the chart shows that they have been tricked by the BEARs in the last 10 days. Will Friday be the 11th day that the BULLs are not showing strength again?

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[02 Nov-Before Market] STI BULLs CANNOT Break the 2,830 Resistance!!

by Dave 02.11.2016

STI BULLs attempted the 2830 level on Tue but failed. This will be very bad for the BULLs.

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