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On Friday the market crashed badly with the DOW Jones losing 400 points, NASDAQ 120 points and S&P more than 50 points.  I have published my Best Crash Setups on 05 Sep 2016 (Monday) and managed to enter my crash setups 4 days before the crash. What is NEXT in this MARKET? Understand where the market is heading to!!

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STI BULLs are being crushed by the BEARs at MidDay. Losing the 2,830 level is bad for the BULLs.

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The BULLs have managed to cross the 2,830 level once again and hopefully they can once again use this opportunity to make STI BULLs proud.

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STI BULLs gained 13 points on Tuesday to close at the doorstep of 2,830. The BULLs asking the BEARs for permission to enter the 2,830 zone again.

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As long as DBS stays above $15.00, STI will have opportunity to climb up.

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STI BULLs closed 5 points lower at 2,870. The BULLs have taken profits when tbe market rallied at the 2,900 level. Many have been trapped above 2,880 level for now.

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The STI BULLs have done well by staying above the 2880 level and have a good chance to try for the recent high of 2900/2910 level.

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With the recent high of 2,886 set in the recent days, the BULLs had a fantastic Tuesday to close at 2,884. With just a 2-point away from the recent high, the STI BULLs will have another attempt to close above the 2,886 level today. Failure to do so will set the index to the support level of 2,850 again.

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A gap up on Monday Morning with the intention of not charging up, instead profit taking took place. The STI slide down to 2,870 (below 2,880) after a day high of 2,888.

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[29 Sep-Before Market] DBS Closed at $15.22 And Is Between $15 Support and $15.50 Resistance Zone

by Dave 29.09.2016

DBS had a good bounce off the $15 support level on Tuesday and closed slightly lower on Wednesday. Immediate overhead resistance zone at $15.50 level. This will be a big challenge for the DBS Bulls.

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[28 Sep-Close] STI Bulls Did Not Continue The Rally Today

by Dave 28.09.2016

STI closed 2 points lower for the day. The highs for today is the same as the high for yesterday. The STI Bulls did not manage to break above it.

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