What you have done wrong, do it right the next time.
When you have done it right, improve on it the next time.


It is good to be both wrong and right.
With a positive mindset, it will eventually lead us to our final destination.

Life is meant to be simple. Do not make it complicated.


It is important to dream of what you want. It is important to desire what you want in life. Many people have done the same thing as what you have been doing.  If you need to travel to Australia, go and book a ticket to reach there. If you need $100,000, go and earn it. It can be getting a job or starting a business. If you want respect from others, you have to earn it.  If you want…. There are far too many “wants” in life.

This article is not about how fast you can achieve your target in life. It is about waking up now and working towards what you want. And most important of all, get your ultimate supporter to support your actions!!  There is no use of wanting to go Australia and keep ranting at the item over and over again. The  air ticket will not come to you.

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Thank you for all your support.
Stage 2 of the Wealth Transfer Trades has Launched!!

In the mean time, various markets have made new highs.

For those who have joined me in the last week,
please check out the analysis that I have done on the various markets.

Check out the current trend and the various markets.
And what I am looking at for Stage 2.

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Registration has closed.
If you have missed the registration period and are really keen to join me, please drop me a message at  smartpassivecashflow@gmail.com




2 more days for Registration!!

Join me using the code “stage2″


See you in Stage 2!!

See how I trade in Stage 2 of the Wealth Transfer



Registration will be closing in 6 days time

Join me using the code “stage2″


See you in Stage 2!!

See how I trade in Stage 2

of the Wealth Transfer



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Current Status of the QE.
What is next in line? And What do we trade?



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Would you attempt to short this? or buy this?




STAGE 2 of Wealth Transfer Trades

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I will be moving to

Stage 2 of the Wealth Transfer.



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I have recently purchased some Silver.
Mainly made up of John Matthey Bars and Royal Canadian Mint Bars.

Will add more in the next round
(Probably in November).

Note: I am a collector of Silver. :-)