If you have missed out on the 2003 bull market,
do not fear, there is the 2008 Bear Market

If you have missed out on the 2009 bull market,
do not fear, there is the 2014/15 Bear Market.

Am I sure that 2014/2015 is a Bear Market?
If it is, what should I be playing to reap the most benefit?


As I have said before, it is never a matter on whether I am wrong.
Life goes on as usual.

 What matters most is what a life changer it will be if I am Right!!
Life will never be the same!!


Another of my favourite plays.
This will be included in my site

Make money when the energy is at its highest.
Do not waste time waiting and waiting for non moving stocks!!

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See how I play such high energised Stocks!!

See you on board!!



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Some of the Entries and Exits in the Last Week of Aug.
(as extracted from www.SeeHowITrade.com )
Do note that for subscribers (VIP  Traders), they will be able to see
the published entries daily with explanations before the market opens.

There are some which are having good profits as of current week. Cheers!! 


What makes a Good Trader? 

Many people wanted to be able to trade well. But what goes into the mind of a Good Trader.
One important trait – To be able to see many possibilities and alternatives before deciding

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Money Brings “Happiness”.
Is This True?

Well, Money can buy things.
Things make One happy.
Is This True?

Is our Own Mind Making Us Happy?

Think Hard!!


If You Are Happy With Your Life, You Are A Successful Person.
And No One Can Steal Away Your Happiness.

Who agrees?
Who disagrees?

Hope that this can spark some thoughts in you.

My 3 Steps of Success

I believe that you know these 3 steps already.

The difficult portion may lie in the journey that are full of “Obstacles” that somehow stop you in your track.

If you view it in a different perspective,
the more obstacles that you face and resolved,
the nearer you are to your goals.

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SmartPassiveCashFlow Wishes All A “Never Give Up” Attitude

Is Property Investment a TRAP for the Middle Class?
If Early Retirement is what we want, why do we want more debt to pay off?
(of course you can say that it is paid off by the tenant)
In Any Case, Are We Delaying our Own Retirement?
Will we end up with a Late but Wealthy Retirement?
(Is the word “Wealthy” used correctly?)


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