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I have launched a new eBook for your reading. It is available at



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Dear Friend,

I was going through my trading journal of my past trades, especially those in the previous years. Actually, it was kinda fun to look through them and laugh at some of the trades. There are 2 stock markets that I primarily play. They are the Singapore Market and the US Market.

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Thank You For Your Great Support!!

I have officially launched the $600 Challenge!!

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SmartPassiveCashFlow Welcomes All To The New $600 Challenge!!

The BIG Trade Is Spotted.

  The Trade Order Is Placed.

The BIG Move Has Occurred!!

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As I have always said
Never Quit. Your Turn Will Come!!


SmartPassiveCashFlow Wishes All A Great 2014!!

In April 2014, I will be launching


I have got an additional $600 to spare every month.
What Should I Do With It?

Do I use it to spend on shopping?
Do I invest in unit trust?
Do I place them in bank?

I know exactly how I will be using the $600!!

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 There are so many things in life that we have gone through.
Some easy, some hard. And there are some that we would not try because we thought we could not.

 Give Yourself 2 mins.

Ask Yourself
“What are the things you could not do”?

 Your Life Journey improves once you have gained strength.
To gain strength, you will need to overcome the “could not do” mentality.

Some takes 1 sec to change the mentality
Some takes 1 week. Some takes 1  month. Some takes 1 year.
Some never even bother to do anything.

SmartPassiveCashFlow Wishes All
To Start Gaining Strength in Your Life.


You Have Looked Up The Books.
You Have Gone For the Seminars.
You Have Put In The Hours.
Things have not changed.
You Are Tired…

 When You Have Tasted Failure After Failure,
Its Time To Move To The Next Step, SUCCESS

A Simple Play and
A Good 100% Gain!!

Swing Play + My Insiders
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Swing Play + My Insiders

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SmartPassiveCashFlow - AcceptanceLevel

True Experience and Acceptance

When you are down with flu, you would accept the fact that you are sick.
 On the other hand, you will also accept that you will get well.

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Whenever we ask a question, we would get many comments from various people.

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